We are specialists in the management, marketing and coordination of venues and events.

Congress, convention and meeting centres management

Systems & Technology
Sales management
Spaces & Buildings
We conduct in-depth market studies to give shape to a concept and define a product by studying its financial, technical and commercial feasibility.
We design product, pricing, distribution, communication and customer-attention strategies to position the product and ensure that customer experience is 100% satisfactory.
Technology is the spearhead of all our activities, both with regards to technological infrastructure and the development of operative and marketing support systems.
We provide advisory, co-ordination and marketing services for Convention Centres, Congress Facilities and other meeting and event venues. We have the know-how and experience needed to create, launch and position new products, and to strengthen centres already in operation.
GIS provides comprehensive management services designed to ensure all spaces are in perfect working condition at all times.

Event management 
and co-ordination


Client marketing and management


Drawing up of budgets and proposals


Selection of suppliers and services


Event coordination


Monitoring and control

Best cases