Primeclass Meet & Greet

Primeclass Meet & Greet

Primeclass Meet & Greet offers time-efficinecy, comfort and privilege at the airport.

Primeclass Meet&Greet transforms the time passengers spend at the airport into a stress free and pleasant experience. It offers a diversified portfolio of services creating the required amount of flexibility and comfort to our clients:

CIP: Offer all travel processes at the airport accompanied by a private assistant, reception and farewell, luggage transport, private security pass, private payment point in duty free, access to lounge and ring service.

CIP complementaries: Airport transfer, welcome gift, personal shopper, and much more.

VIP: Offer all dedicated private jet services, terminal comfort to the guest who wants to become the most privileged people at the airport during their private or scheduled flights.

Each year, Primeclass Meet&Greet service welcome thousand of passengers in 7 countries and 13 airports, making us one of the top 3 worldwide leader in this field.


Meet & Greet



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