02 Jul 2018

HelloSky, redefining the Airport wait

Travelling – and as a result, airports – aren’t an exclusive luxury anymore. Low-cost companies have managed to reduce prices to a point where flying is no longer exclusive to higher classes, but open to the entire world to fly anywhere. Which is why we ask ourselves, why are airports still the same as they were when travellers have evolved? Why do we still have VIP lounges with cocktails and snacks instead of readapting them to the preferences and needs of users nowadays?

HelloSky was born to provide solutions to these simple questions, leading us to redefine lounge rooms at airports. We live in a world where the access to information is within hands’ reach. And this leads us to more sophisticated travellers, except that not in the way we would understand sophistication in the 20th century. Today, travellers appreciate to seek better time management, to pay per use of a product and to strive to find the best offer while travelling. In other words, before users would use VIP lounges as a sign of distinction and status quo, whilst today, they are used because of the added value and comfort they provide to a new travelling experience.

Thus, Hellosky is a new brand 100% focused in this new client found at airports, which we like to call “well-travelled”. Well-travelled users are those with wanderlust and a sense of adventure. They like to experiment, but also to have the time to relax. The true meaning of luxury for them is to find a space where they can feel comfortable and be productive, whilst being affordable.

For those “well-travelled”, HelloSky has transformed the waiting experience at airports. HelloSky leaves behind the traditional aesthetics and concept of VIP lounges to become a smart, innovative and affordable new lounge concept. HelloSky’s waiting rooms are comfortable, dynamic and customized to answer “well-travelled” users’ needs. It is a pay per use experience: in other words, an extension of on board experience on ground. And it is also glocal, because it promotes local cultures with international vision.

For now you’ll find us in Rome, and very soon in many other airports of the most important cities in the world.

Looking forward to meeting you!