11 Jul 2017

Fabiano Fontenelle explains the advantages that VIP services provide in the airport environment

Fabiano is the Commercial Director of GIS. More than 8 years of experience on the development of VIP and business services at airports with an extensive knowledge of the airport services industry.

1. Each time more and more airports and airlines are tending to outsource their premium services and VIP LOUNGES to specialized companies. Why do you think this is becoming the trend and what would you say are its’ main benefits?

I believe it’s the combination of many factors that is leading the airlines and the airports to outsource their premium services but for sure the economic and quality aspects are especially relevant.

Specialized companies like GIS, are able to deliver excellent services at very competitive rates helping to increase revenue (or reduce costs) without detriment of quality standards and brand experience through strategy alignment.

The partnership with a trusted operator allows the airlines and airports to focus on their core business while helping to enhance competitiveness and passenger experience.

2. Are VIP services inside airports only available for First Class or Business Class passengers?

No, fortunately not anymore. Most of the VIP services that used to be exclusively within reach of top-tier passengers are now available to anyone who wishes to add extra comfort to their trip, and I may say there is a strong demand for it.
Airports have become a stressful environment and the search for ways to make them friendlier is leading to the design of a wide range of services focused on the passenger experience.

3. Premium services are perfect for business trips. What services can business travellers find in order to make a better use of their time in airports and be efficient during their layovers?

Efficiency is the key concept and there are services that can help them achieve it in every situation. Meeting rooms inside the terminal, executive lounges with business facilities or even meet & greet services to speed up clearance procedures are some of the current services available in every major airport.

4. For those who prefer to have a few hours rest whilst waiting to board their next flight, what exclusive services do you offer? 

We have created a product specially designed for longer stays at the airport. The Air Rooms concept is a small hotel located inside the terminals which offers to the client the alternative of using its comfortable rooms according to their needs. There are three basic types of use:

  • Shower-at-arrival – For a quick refresh after a long flight or before a meeting
  • Day-use – 3h or 6h packages to rest during the day
  • Overnight – for those who prefer to sleep at the airport

5. Why do you think Air Rooms are one of the best options for those tourists who need to be near the airport?

Since our rooms are located inside the airports, it’s very safe and easy to access and our clients have full control of their time. Moreover, not worrying about transfer shuttle to nearby hotels or city centre represents time and money saving.

6. Premium Traveller by GIS currently manages several Air Rooms in Barcelona and Madrid’s airport, and very soon will do so too in Rome. Would you like to expand this project in the future to other international airports too?

GIS currently manages the Barcelona Airport Air Rooms with 10 resting units and 19 at the Madrid Barajas’, in which we also have an arrivals lounge.
As part of our internationalization process, in the second semester of 2017 we’ll inaugurate our new Air Rooms in Rome Fiumicino with 33 resting units and a Arrivals lounge.
Other European airports have showed interest in our model and we expect to announce new openings soon.

7. Is there any existing platform that offers full premium and quality services at airports? 

In our e-commerce platform our clients can book a variety of premium airport services in more than 45 airports, some of them directly operated by us also services provided by our partners.