03 Jan 2018

B2B service at GIS, the E-commerce platform to access VIP Lounges in Airports

One of GIS most relevant fields of action is the creation and management of VIP services in both national and international airports.

Within this framework Premium Traveller is the ideal online portal where any traveller can book all kinds of VIP services in different airports: VIP Lounges access, Transfer service, Fast Track, Air Rooms to get some rest, Shower service access, among many others.

However, aside from this service, at GIS we also have available for the B2B sector a personalized e-commerce platform aimed mainly to travel agencies, travel managers, hotels and businesses. This platform offers traveller’s access to more than 65 VIP Lounges at the main European airports and others internationally. This enables companies, hotels, travel agencies and managers, to offer a preferential treatment to their clients and/or their staff. More so, they even get a better deal for this access compared to the final sale to end-customers (B2C), because they either work with a considerable higher volume of bookings of VIP Lounges or because they require these services more often.

As for now our B2B service includes access to VIP Lounges but our goal is to expand our service-offering in the future so that passengers can benefit too from showers, fast-track services, resting at airports, accompaniment service, restaurant bookings, parking, etc.

Therefore, what advantages does the B2B service provide if you are a business, hotel, travel agency or travel manager?

  • Manage your clients purchases directly from each account as well as cancelling or modifying their information.
  • It provides relevant information for your business such as accounting sales or listing those companies who use the service the most, for example.
  • Access to VIP Lounges at a lower price than if acquired by traditional means or through Premium Traveller’s platform, as the purchase volume is higher. This is due to special and personalized agreements that at GIS we establish with each company or mediator after personally examining your requirements and needs.
  • This lower rate enables mediators and intermediaries to provide an added value to their clients experience or to a company’s team as they can choose to gift the access to VIP Lounges or include it in their travel packs or business trips.
  • No compromise or permanency is required from clients with GIS; you only have to assume the cost of the purchased VIP services.

To sum up, our B2B service at GIS is a great method to offer access to VIP Lounges at a good price if your clients or staff’ are frequent flight passengers. If you’re interested, at GIS we’re always open to meeting up and talking about your needs. Don’t think it twice!