18 Sep 2018

HelloSky’s services for today’s travellers

What do today’s travelleres, or “well-travellers” as we also call them, need during layovers or long waiting hours at airports?

At first our logic took us to the main basic need: rest. Which is why it has become one of our main services at HelloSky thanks to our Air Rooms: a comfortable and quiet space inside airports in which you can nap, rest, snooze, doze or even catch fourty winks before or after your flight, you can read more about them here. You may now be wondering, “and that’s it?” Obviously not!

Some well-travellers are lucky enough to be able to sleep anywhere, even in aeroplanes, hence what they’re looking for is not only somewhere where they can rest but a space that combines comfort and a state of the art facilities in which they can make the most out of their time by working or relaxing whilst waiting. That is exactly what well-travellers will find in HelloSky’s Lounge, a space based on the pay-per-use model, because each modern traveller has its preferences and they all believe that there is no need in paying for something that you might not use.

Other well-travellers try and optimize as much as possible their time. For them no matter where in the world can become in an improvised office (including airports), and of course not all offices are the same. In HelloSky for example, we have Meeting Rooms: modern, fully equipped and flexible meeting spaces for our executive and business clients.

On the other hand there are also other well-travellers who what they’re really looking forward to when they land is to have a nice refreshing shower in a comfortable and clean space without having to leave the airport. In our Premium Showers we include a towel, shower gel and slippers. Everything you need to be fresh and ready before or after your flight. After your shower, what better way to continue your day by fueling your body with one of our healthy dishes from our restaurant menu!

Lastly, our VIP clients can also benefit from our wide range of Meet & Greet services, designed to offer the maximum comfort and efficiency during their stay at the airport. We provide full support during check-in procedures, security and passport controls through fast lanes, porter services, lounge access and even private transport to and from the aircraft through apron.

HelloSky, the cluster of services that the well-travellers expect.