07 Sep 2017

Sònia Graupera explains her experiences by using GIS Airport Services

Every day thousands of travellers come and go from airports all over the world. Some of them, and mainly those who are frequent travellers, know that having access to a VIP Lounge inside airports is one of the best options to be comfortable whilst waiting to board their next flight.

Sònia Graupera, freelance travel consultant based in Barcelona knows perfectly well what we’re talking about. Her specialty: unique trips to the most exclusive destinations around the globe. Sònia, as a frequent traveller has a first-hand knowledge regarding all the  facilities and amenities that airports’ VIP services offer, and as she claims, “accessing these services is easy and at any travellers reach”.

At GIS, as we have already explained in other occasions we coordinate and manage VIP Lounges at airports being the  Barcelona – El Prat airport the first one who enabled us to embark on this adventure back in 2009.

Sònia is one of the frequent ttravellers who accesses the VIP Lounge at Barcelona airport, who aside from benefitting from some of our services through Premium Traveller our online platform, she’s catalogued the VIP Lounge “Pau Casals” in Barcelona’s airport as one of her best experiences among all the airports she has visited, hence she shared her experience talking about the quality and high standards of our services offering.

Recently Sònia Graupera reached out to us to tell us her impressions regarding the VIP facilities that we offer to our travellers. As Graupera explains, one of the best experiences that she has at Barcelona’s and Madrid’s airport is the moment when she enters in the VIP Lounges that both airports have: “It is the place where i can find a moment for myself and mentally get some rest, it’s my “me time” while on-the-go.”

Followed by:

“When I enter the airport’s VIP Lounges that’s when my moment begins. I look for one of the many sockets to plug and charge me iPhone, drink some water or tea and if I feel like it, get some food too – although I don’t usually eat a lot when I fly. It goes without saying that the puff pasties offered in these VIP Lounges are a big temptation for those who have a sweet tooth like I do, but also the salty food offering is so varied. Passengers here can choose from salads or pasta, as well as charcuterie or cheese snacks. You can also find warm dishes like quiche or a slice of pizza. And last but not least, a wide wine selection to choose from.”

“Once my iPhone is fully charged and I’ve made myself a drink, it is time for me to sit in one of the comfy couches with views to the terminal’s main hall and disconnect watching the come and go of passengers. Here is where I find my moment of peace and relax whilst beginning the start of my trip.”

Sònia, just like many other passengers, is a witness of the services that we offer in VIP airport Lounges and that at GIS we fully coordinate and manage.

So what about you? Would you like to live the same experience? Visit one of our VIP Lounges and we promise that we experience will be very rewarding.

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