07 Mar 2018

GIS participates at the WAVF, the annual event among international airports and companies to improve VIP services

Every year some of Europe’s most important airports meet at the World Airport’s VIP Forum (WAVF), an event created for airports to meet and get to know professional and passionate companies who lead the creation and management of VIP or Premium experiences at airports, with the main goal of sharing their experiences seeking for a constant improvement.

Nowadays more than 20 airports participate in this encounter, like for example El Prat – Barcelona Airport where Premium Traveller, GIS’ online platform for VIP services, has represented them for the past five years and still does amongst the rest of international airports.

At the event all participants share their ideas and new concepts with the aim of improving airports’ VIP service offering. The main fields of action sum up in the following:

  • Establish rules and common procedures.
  • Exchange programmes for employees.
  • Establish and intensify relationships among the associates.
  • Share knowledge and best practices.
  • Develop and implement new concepts.

At GIS, under our constant goal of improving and innovating in every area we work in, we take part in the WAVF because, aside from it being one of the most important meetings worldwide for airports, it is a way of improving our processes and a very interesting way of networking in order for VIP passengers to receive the best experience possible.

Furthermore this encounter enables us to position as a reference company and pioneer in the creation and management of exclusive services in airport infrastructures. Precisely at the latest WAVF edition celebrated last May, at GIS we had the opportunity of presenting our new concept of resting rooms inside airports, our new HelloSky Air Rooms where we took as an example the latest Air Room project that was taking place in Rome – Fiumicino Airport.

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