22 Aug 2018

HelloSky’s Air Rooms

Get some “Air Room”.

Imagine for a short second that you miss your connecting flight and that you have to spend 5 hours in the airport. The waiting time is already quite annoying since you didn’t manage to get any sleep in the previous flight. Furthermore, you have a meeting as soon as you get to your destination, which means that when you land you must go directly in to work, without getting any rest. As a solution, you could look for a hotel close to the airport whilst you wait, but considering the time it would take to get there, check-in, fall asleep and come back, it’s not worth it.

This brings us to the lack of dedicated spaces within airports in which to sleep, stretch out and rest. Or better said, the lack of dedicated spaces to sleep that there was in airports. Now, Hellosky has made it possible thanks to their newly designed Air Rooms: a solution that offers a multifunctional space to enhance the travellers experience at the airport and cover all the possible needs of the well-travellers.

An Air Room is a comfortable and quiet space inside the airport where you can nap, rest, snooze, doze, or even catch forty winks, before or after your flight. A new fresh, smart, innovative and affordable concept that offers travellers everything they need in order to get some rest and improve their comfort, while it also optimizes the airports’ infrastructure by using un-used spaces and upgrade the airports’ brand.

Come and visit HelloSky’s Air Rooms. You’ll find all the comfort and amenities to make your trip more than a simple change of location, and instead live a unique global experience with as much rest as you need.

  • Double or single bed
  • Private bathroom and shower
  • Access to HelloSky Lounge
  • Courtesy beverage
  • Toiletries
  • Towels and hair dryer
  • TV with international channels
  • Wake Up service
  • Telephone
  • Wifi