15 Aug 2017

The Mobile World Congress, a challenge and successful case study for GIS

Barcelona is one of Spain’s cities where mosts congress, conventions, festivals and events are held. One of the most important international events that take place and that greater impact have of the city is the Mobile World Congress, the biggest meeting in the world focused on the mobile industry and new technologies.

The MWC brings together fot the occasion thousands of people from all over the world. As a result, the number of travellers who meet in airports increases considerably, and more so in El Prat – Barcelona Airport.

Many of the assistants of the MobileWorld Congress are visitors for which GIS provides our services, especially with our VIP Lounges. For this reason, the quality levels and operation management are set to high standars previously and during the event. Because we know many of our clients are frequent business travellers who are already familiar with VIP Lounges areas and services offered at airports, at GIS we work at 200% to make every service meet their expectations.

During the MWC the volume of passengers in our VIP Lounges has a notable increase. For this first half of the year 2017 we have already doubled the number of passengers who have visited our rooms compared to a normal day at the airport. From 2000 passengers daily to more than 5500! An increase of 10% of clients compared to 2016.

To keep up the quality level of our services in such a particular time, at GIS we have planned to detail how to provide service to our clients the best way possible by offering the character and VIP advantages in every service, which is why we enabled a versatile lounge area annex to our VIP Lounges to expand the space and confort of our rooms, organizing more than 55 Meet & Greet services in less than 48 hours and as a curiosity … serving more than 13 thousand croissants, 11 thousand pain au chocolate and pastries, and 6 thousands muffins!

As you can see the Mobile World Congress is a huge event for the city, Barcelona’s airport and for GIS a successful case study. Thanks to our many years of experience and our history as partners providing VIP services we continue to meet our client’s expectations, working hard year after year to reach our goal: excellence in the quality of every service we offer.